Winter plumbing and water purification in the countryside

Winter Water

The Winter Water company specializes in non-standard solutions to the problems of year-round water supply to country houses, as well as the design and construction of fully automated water purification systems that significantly exceed the standards for iron and organic matter.

We provide a full range of water treatment services on a turnkey basis:

Consultations. The company provides qualified advice on water purification and winter water supply to private houses, cottages and summer cottages. Consultations and a specialist’s visit to the site are free!

Water analysis. We carry out chemical and bacteriological analyzes of water. The cost of chemical analysis for 15 indicators is 1000 rubles. (free when ordering water treatment).

- We select a water treatment scheme, equipment and materials based on an analysis of the source water, the required purification quality and productivity, as well as the characteristics of the source and pumping equipment.

- Development of a scheme for automating technological processes of water purification. We select appropriate equipment and materials. We carry out manufacturing, installation and commissioning of automation.

- Order completion, delivery to the site of all necessary equipment and materials.

- Installation of water purification equipment.

- Maintenance of water treatment systems. Warranty for work performed is 1 year. We provide guarantees for the quality of purified water.

We are able to answer complex water treatment issues that other companies could not solve.

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